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Named Entity Recognition  


What We Develop

Most of the information available today is in free form text. Current technologies (google, yahoo) allow us to access text only via key-word search.

We would like to facilitate content-based access to information. Examples include:

  • Topical and Functional categorization of documents: Find documents that deal with stem cell research, but only Call for Proposals.
  • Semantic categorization: Find documents about Columbus (the City, not the Person).
  • Retrieval of concepts and entities rather than strings in text: Find documents about JFK, the president; include those documents that mention him as "John F. Kennedy, John Kennedy, Congressman Kennedy or any other possible writing; but not those that mention the baseball player John Kennedy, nor any of JFK's relatives.
  • Extraction of information based on semantic categorization: Find a list of all companies that participated in merges in the last year. List all professors in Illinois that do research in Machine Learning.

Running the Demos

Achieving these tasks requires that we develop programs that can, at some level, understand natural language. The collection of demos below shows some of the technologies we are developing in order to address these and related questions. Some address direct Information Extraction tasks, and some exhibit fundamental natural language technologies that we are developing in order to support better access to information. The demonstrations below build on our research in Machine Learning - the fundamental research area that allows us to write programs that learn from their experience, and thus support 'closer to human capabilities' of natural language. Feel free to insert your text to test out these demonstrations of our applications.

Hover your mouse pointer over one of the demo names below to get a short description of that demo; click on it to see a fuller description. To run the demo, click on the [Run Demo] link to the right of the demo name.

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The Coolest

    Wikifier  [Run Demo]

Natural Language Analysis

    Coref Resolution  [Run Demo]

    Part of Speech Tagging  [Run Demo]

    Semantic Role Labeling  [Run Demo]

    Shallow Parsing  [Run Demo]

    Text Analysis  [Run Demo]

Entities and Information Extraction

    Named Entity Recognition  [Run Demo]

    Named Entity Recognizer (extended entity type set)  [Run Demo]

    Number Quantization  [Run Demo]

    Temporal Extraction and Comparison  [Run Demo]

    Wikifier  [Run Demo]


    Context Sensitive Verb Paraphrasing  [Run Demo]

    LLM (Lexical Level Matching)  [Run Demo]

    Named Entity Similarity  [Run Demo]

    Relation Identification  [Run Demo]

    Word Similarity  [Run Demo]

NL Applications

    Context-Sensitive Spelling Correction  [Run Demo]

    Dataless Classification  [Run Demo]

    Multilingual Named Entity Discovery  [Run Demo]

    Textual Entailment  [Run Demo]

    Transliteration  [Run Demo]